Responses to Round One

Now that some of your classmates have posted about the reading, those of you in Groups 2 & 3 have a chance to do a round of responses. The idea here is to comment on and extend his or her post. As I explain in Writings:

Comments may be quite brief—100 words or so—but you should do two things in them: (a) point to a specific moment of interest in the post you are commenting on, and (b) redirect our attention to a passage from The Consequences of Modernity that the first responder does not discuss. I’ll expect you to comment on at least three responses to earn a √. I will not usually comment on comments, but I will read and keep track of them.

Please post comments by Tuesday night to get credit for this round of responses. And remember that if you’re in Group 1, you’ll have the chance to comment next week. Sit tight for now.