Blog, Round 2

Hi all,

By now everyone has had a chance to write a blog entry assessing Giddens’s project. You’ve also all had two opportunities to make comments on your classmates’ posts. For your second round of blogging, then, you’ll want to respond to the following prompt:

In the third chapter of Joe Harris’s Rewriting, he describes three ways of “countering” a text: “arguing the other side,” “uncovering values,” and “dissenting” (57). Choose one of these methods, summarize it in your post, and then employ it to “counter” something in your latest reading in Giddens.

Your post will have at least three parts:

1) a summary of the move you’re making, including a quote from Rewriting,

2) an explanation of what Giddens is arguing, including a quote from Consequences of Modernity, and

3) your countering of this move, either by “arguing the other side,” “uncovering values,” or “dissenting.”

If you’re in Group 1, your first blog in this second round is due by Sunday, 28 Sept.