Blog Posts (Round 3)

This coming week, we’ll be discussing “How Sushi Went Global” (on 10/20) and “The Great Game and the Informal Empire” (on 10/22). Both are available on Sakai under “Resources.” For each of those meetings, you’ll also select another essay from The Globalization Reader to read and bring to class (print it out or have it handy on your computer).

DO NOT blog on Bestor nor Goldblatt; write your post on the article you selected on your own. For your blog posts this week, use the first half of the post (about 250-300 words) to “come to terms” with the writer’s project. Feel free to refresh your memory of how you might do this by revisiting Rewriting pages 13-33. Use the second half of your post to put your text and Giddens in conversation with one another. You might use one to “forward” or “counter” the other. Either way, make sure there are three people in this conversation: you (the critic), Giddens, and the author of your selected essay.

Note that you have two opportunities to do comments this week–please use them if you haven’t already finished 4 rounds of comments, because you are running out of time. Note, too, that the format of the comments is still the same: quote from your classmate in your discussion and then pose a new, open-ended question in response. You must follow this format to get credit for comments. And, since we’ll be using the blog posts in class, you have to submit these in time to get credit.