Modern Day Islam

The religion of Islam is one that is looked down upon by many Americans because of the attacks on 9/11, and all of the violence that occurs in the middle east every day. Many stereotypes are thought to be correct, as most Americans are ignorant of all of the people who are muslim, and only really pay attention to the extremists. In Bin Laden and Other Thoroughly Modern Muslims,  the author tries to explain that although Islam is a unified religion, there are many different beliefs about how it should be practiced. “Modern day Islamists are seeking to regain the regain the righteousness if the early years of Islam and implement the rule of shari’a, either by using the state to enforce it as the law of the land or by convincing Muslims to abide by these norms of their own accord” (Kurzman 391).   This is the view of most radical Islamists. The radical Islamists and the Islamic liberalists are both similar in the fact that they want to modernize society and politics and fit their traditions into the modern molds. Because they are trying to keep up with the times many of the radicals are getting western educations, like people such as, Osama Bin Laden, and Ruhallah Khoemeini. Through this they learn the ways of the west and because they don’t go to seminary school they decide to mold the koran to their new found beliefs and interpret it the way they feel is best. They set modern goals to implement in order to form a new world of Islam. Many key words are stated throughout this passage, but the main ones are Islam and modern. These two seem to not mix well in the eyes of a biased American, but with work the author of the article believes there can be peace. I believe that the author is right when he states this, and although many Muslims are living in fear from extremists groups,I believe that there will be a modern day solution.

Is modernity a strictly western idea? According to Anthony Giddens “the blunt answer must be “yes””(GIddens 175). Because of the wests influence on the world it allows people from anywhere in the world to get and education at a western college. The globalization of higher education for those fortunate enough to get it, is affecting the world like never before. Osama Bin Laden”s, America’s public enemy number 1, had an advisor named Ayman al-Zawahiri. He was al-Qaeda’s chief strategist, and a trained surgeon, went to the University of Miami. Skills he learned in college helped him to orchestrate attacks on 9/11 as he had taken many courses in civil engineering. As the modernity of education and Islam are starting to intermingle, there are clearly two separate groups. One group that appreciates their western education, and one group that uses that western education to hurt the west. If the group that appreciates their western education can overpower that of the one that is extreme, modern day Islam will be peaceful and become as righteous as it was in the days of Mohammed.

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  1. “The religion of Islam is one that is looked down upon by many Americans because of the attacks on 9/11, and all of the violence that occurs in the middle east every day. ” This quote is always a typical American quote, it negates violence is a human therefore global occurrence, this post goes between two idea of the lay American understanding and the understanding of the article. Islamist are contradictory creatures, they have Western education come from Westernized families at least the OGs of the movement. The dimensions of are complex, but it is an inherently anti-Western ideology, keep in mind Communism, Romanticism,Fascism ,and whatever Japan was prior to its loss of the Second World War also was. This “Occidentalist” belief holds the modern world is vain, without morality, and seek to curb or destroy this decadent civilization that is the order of money house, Islam has always reacted rough to Western Civilization whether through its very tumultuous relations when the West was still Christendom. Islamist thought emerged in the early 20th century and developed onward. The most important events of the Islamist movement are the Iranian Revolution, the Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan, and 9/11. Islamic moderates and liberals are false words not because there is no Islam that rational. Islam is a very complex thing with greater division and divides than Christianity. A more important question to ask is why do we think Muslims are some monolithic organization or if we are slightly luckier two divisions?


  2. This is a really good article and your comment that “The religion of Islam is one that is looked down upon by many Americans because of the attacks on 9/11, and all of the violence that occurs in the middle east every day.” is one hundred percent true. This is a normal quote that is made by many Americans after the attacks and the war in the middle east. The Muslims faith is different from the Al Qaeda and ISIS group.

    When it comes down to it Muslims are all over the world. Muslims were pointed to only be from the Middle East when they really have Muslin Faith all over the world. How do you think the America citizens would react if the attacks were from a different faith? Do you think they would have the same reactions?


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