Prompt: Blog Post Four

For your final papers, you are required to make use of a chapter from a book published by a university press. Use this blog post to begin your critical engagement with your source by first writing an abstract of the chapter you plan to use. Your abstract must be four sentences maximum. See Rewriting pages 108-13 to refresh your memory on how to write abstracts. Use the remainder of the post (so, the vast majority of it) to use your source to forward or counter an idea in The Consequences of Modernity. To get full credit for this post, you cannot write more than four sentences of summary (the abstract). Most of your post will show how you can use your source to engage another text (in this case, that of Giddens). Use this post, too, to show how your writing and thinking skills have developed so far this semester. We should all notice a difference between this post and your first one—specifically, you should now be more comfortable, capable, and visible as a critic.