Class, Monday, 3 November

– Quick-writing on research: what surprised you about either your process or about the sources you found (or haven’t yet found). Share some stories—how did you do it? What would you do differently next time?

– Review blog posts as a way into a discussion of the reading

– Discuss “The Great Globalization Debate”


– In pairs: place the people we’ve read (Giddens, Bestor, Goldblatt, authors from today, authors you chose from The Globalization Reader, etc.). WHY did you put them where you did?

– Also in pairs, explain to your partner where you would put your sources and why

On your own:

– Reflect on uses and limitations of chart—what did it make clear and what obscure?

– Where would you place yourself? why?


Paper: Email your complete first draft to me by Wed. at noon

For Wed: Read Jameson & Ohmae (on Sakai)

For Mon: Read Appadurai & Hirst and Thompson (on Sakai)

Blog: Group 2 for Wed; Group 3 for Mon; Comment if you still need to