Trust in our military and the day to day operation

In the article posted by the Washington Times on September 8th, 2011 called 9/11 changed war-fighting written by Rowan Scarborough they go into detail on different topics about how the 9/11 attacks changed the way we fight war.  They go to give many different examples and proved details about how the war fighting has changed.  The article goes into the details on how it has bettered our military operations.  In my essay I define how going to the war on terror has bettered our military operations even though people’s views would disagree with me.

Although my essay goes into detail on how the Global war of Terrorism has benefitted our military and its day to day operations I can see the points that other have to disagree with what I am trying to define.  The people of the United States have put the trust into our military to fight for our freedom.  To have a success in fighting for our freedom I believe we need to have the most up to date operations and equipment for our men and women.

In Giddens he talks about how we look at the military power and how we are strong and have went to war with other countries but he would have never thought we would be going to war with an organization within a country or countries.  He also talks a lot about trust.  Our citizens have major concerns about the safety and security of the United States of America.  They put a great deal of trust into our military to protect and fight for our country but then they go and pick and choice when we should and shouldn’t go to war.  Does that make and sense to you?  It doesn’t make any to me but then will still have the opinions and all but then still have that great deal of trust in the military to protect them and our country.


2 thoughts on “Trust in our military and the day to day operation

  1. I like how you expose the duality concerning how Americans ‘have major concerns’ but then they pick and choose when we should and shouldn’t go to war. This does not make sense to me either. I’m not sure what good having a strong military as well as trust in them will do for us if they are not put into action. Do you think we could stretch Giddens ‘disembedding mechanisms’ to include our military if we consider their secret involvements as well as the general public’s inability to understand how they operate? Nice post. – Chris


  2. I find your blog post interesting, and it intertwines with my topic of WW3. Like you said Americans who pick and choose whether or not we should go to war, but then have concerns for our national security, don’t make sense. The population should just make up its mind of whether or not it is right or wrong to go to war with a group that attacked us, based off of what the evidence supports, not based upon personal issues or beliefs. When we have groups of people who are both for and against a war, our elected officials can’t get anything done in congress because of gridlock due to these types of issues. If a sense of nationalism and jingoism swept across this country people would see that although we have spent a lot of time fighting terrorist groups it is for our national good.


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