Panels / Class: Monday, 24 November

Hi all,

Today in class you’ll be getting into your panels and planning your group handout as well as your procedure for next Monday and Wednesday. If you are not in class today, it’s up to you to get in touch with your panel-mates to organize things. For more information on the panels, see Writing.

The Globalization of Sport (Monday)

Anthony P—The National Basketball Association (NBA)

Blake P– Olympics

Matt L– Major League Baseball: Show Me The Money

Stephen W– Soccer: The World’s Game

Global Exchange: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Monday)

Connor P– The Globalization of Malaria

Emily M– Globalization and Healthcare in Developing Counties

Mariah E– Recognizing Globalization Downfalls: Cocaine

Morgan P– The Globalization of Fashion Week

Jack W– No End in Sight for the Globalization of English

American Futures: Money and Conflict (Wednesday)

James F–Military

Kayla H– nuclear weaponry

Evan C– How are Western Influences Leading the World Down a Path of Destruction?

Chris U– America

Andrew K– Money

Theorizing Global Flows: The Economics of Culture (Wednesday)

Alex M– The Silk Road and the Modern Aspects of Globalization

Amanda O– International Students and Globalization Rapidly Growing Together


Liz S– America, The Smorgasbord

Tyler S– The Globalization of Subcultures: Theory and Examples

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