Final Papers / Class on 3 December

Thanks to everyone who presented on Monday. The panels were well run and generated interesting questions for all of us. Today we’ll hear from the other half of you. And do remember that you must attend both classes to get full credit for the panel portion of your grade.

To Do:

Submit your final papers to me via email ( on Monday, 8 December. When you do so please highlight everything that’s new (any parts that weren’t in your first draft). Also, send a paragraph in the body of your email describing the pattern of (and idea behind) the various changes you’ve made. In other words, show how you worked on your thesis, rethought your argument, reworked your use of sources, etc. Do not tell me that you changed one word on the third page or that your first draft was so good that you didn’t need to change much. Remember the distinction between editing and revision. I need to see the big picture of how you revised your paper, not the fine-grained details of punctuation and spelling.

Remember the spirit of the course, which is to learn about writing as a process. This is not the time to make a calculation of how many words you need to change to earn grade X. You should make every conceivable revision you can think of. And you should CERTAINLY, AT THE LEAST make every revision I suggested. To not do so is to sacrifice points.

Finally, one of the first things I’ll look for is a clear, interesting thesis at the end of the first paragraph—make sure it’s there! Next, make sure it explains why looking at your topic helps us better understand globalization. It’s not enough for your topic to be an example of globalization. Explain why your example is a crucial one for scholars of globalization.