ENGL 110- Section 77: Critical Reading and Writing: Fall 2014

Globalization and Modernity

Course Description

You’ve not only heard of globalization, you’ve lived it. It’s why the food we buy in the grocery store is grown on other continents, why our clothes are made halfway around the world, and why what happens in remote locations can have a huge impact on our lives at home (for better and for worse). We begin our investigation into the concept through Anthony Giddens’s The Consequences of Modernity, which provides arguments we can explore and a model of scholarly dialogue that we can model. Giddens posits a large time period in which we can understand globalization: modernity, the second term in our course title. We’ll both explore what’s happening now (in the year 2014) in the context of modernity and update Giddens’s ideas and arguments on modernity based on what we see around us in the present, things he couldn’t foresee in 1990. Our other guide will be Joe Harris’s Rewriting, which explains the reading, thinking, writing, and revising process necessary for entering into and sustaining scholarly conversations. Using these texts and your own research, you will learn how to say interesting and important things about our contemporary moment.


I’d like to thank Joe Harris for providing the bones on which we’ve fleshed out our course. Our topic is different, but much of the organization of the course is derived from his Fall 2013 section of ENGL110.

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