[Note: Readings & assignments are due on the date specified. In other words, you have to have completed these tasks before coming to class that day.]

Week One

Wed 8/27: Intro

Mon 9/1: Labor Day (NO CLASS)

Wed 9/3: Plan—get set up for blogging, etc.

Week Two

Mon 9/8 Blog 1; Giddens pgs. 1-29

Wed 9/10 Responses to Blog 1; Harris, “Introduction” & “Coming to Terms,” pgs. 1-33

Week Three

Mon 9/15 Blog 2; Giddens 29-54

Wed 9/17 Responses to Blog 2; Harris, “Forwarding,” pgs. 34-53

Week Four

Mon 9/22 Blog 3; Giddens 55-78

Wed 9/24 Responses to Blog 3; Rosh Hashanah (NO CLASS)

Mon 9/29 Blog 1; Harris, “Countering” 54-72

Week Five

Wed 10/1 Responses to Blog 1; Giddens, pgs. 112-150

Mon 10/6 Blog 2; Harris, “Taking An Approach,” pgs. 73-97

Week Six

Wed 10/8 Responses to Blog 2; Giddens, pgs. 151-178

Mon 10/13 Blog 3; Harris, “Revising,” pgs. 98-123; MEET IN THE LIBRARY

Week Seven

Wed 10/15 Responses to Blog 3; Arak Anthology

Mon 10/20 Blog 1 & 2 (on a reading you pick, but NOT on Bestor); Read Theodore Bestor, “How Sushi Went Global” and another selection (of your choice) from the Globalization Reader aka BYO Example / Source

Week Eight

Wed 10/22 Proposals Due; Blog 3 (on a reading you pick, but NOT on Goldblatt) & Make-up Second Response Opportunity; Read David Goldblatt, “The Great Game and the Informal Empire” and another selection (of your choice) from the Globalization Reader aka BYO Example / Source

Mon 10/27 Conferences

Week Nine

Wed 10/29 Conferences

Mon 11/3 Blog 1; Globalization Essay/Example I–“The Great Globalization Debate”

Week Ten

Wed 11/5 Draft One Due; Blog 2; Globalization Essay/Example II–Fredric Jameson, “Notes on Globalization as a Philosophical Issue” & Kenichi Ohmae, “The End of the Nation-State”

Mon 11/10 Blog 3; Globalization Essay/Example III–Arjun Appadurai, “Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy” & Paul Hirst and Grahame Thompson, “Globalization a Necessary Myth?”

Week Eleven

Wed 11/12 Workshops

Mon 11/17 Workshops

Week Twelve

Wed 11/19 Plan of Work due; Style

Mon 11/24 Draft Two Due; Plan Panels

Wed 11/26—No class—Thanksgiving

Week Thirteen

Mon 12/1 Panels

Wed 12/3 Panels

Week Fourteen

Mon 12/8 Final Paper Revisions are Due by Email to

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